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Anyone who knows me knows that I always offer healing and counselling with love and care. I am grateful for sharing your experiences of whatever we managed to accomplish together. Should you wish to post a testimonial on my website please go here.

Peace and Love, Bill.


From Nick

If Love is the Most powerful
force in the World, then it is easy
to understand all the Miracles
around Bill McQueen…

Looking for a physical Healing?

How about raising your Spiritual

Maybe your just wanting some
real Peace and Balance in your
experience we call Life?

My answer is this question,
Why not have it all?

Working with Bill does all of the
above and more… I know, I have
experienced all of the above with
just the first session…..

So whats my Story? fact is it doesn’t
matter…. OK my name is Nick from
the Mpls area… other than that
it doesn’t matter…
What matters is what you are
experiencing,, Is it a Balanced, Peaceful
feeling of Love and Contentment?

If not, call Bill… The Man who facilitates
Miracles, then shows you how through
Love, you continue witnessing and
experiencing this daily…. Experience
what would be miracles for most
people , is now just normal daily life
for your very own Self.

Bill, I Thank You…
After spending thousands on so called
energy and miracle workers over the
years, You show up and for the cost
of a nice Dinner out the Town. You delivered
what others only claim to…

To anyone truly desiring from the Heart
to have a Life of Peace , Love, Contentment
and Miracles, whether they be Physical,
Spiritual, Physical , Financial the list goes
on and on… Call Bill

Fact is after a month, I did call Bill again,
and again more increase and Blessings..

You can only gain when having a session
with Bill, he guarantees it… Experience
the feeling of being and receiving more
than you expected or thought possible..

Thank You again Bill

With Peace Beyond all Understanding

Nick from USA

From Jeff,

Bill was instrumental in helping me cope with my wife’s death, opening my heart chakra and then helping me to find peace and balance. He did the same for my 12-year-old grandson, whose school grades and morale had cratered terribly. These were not instant restorations, but the results were worth the time required. I would recommend Bill’s service to anyone open-minded enough to accept the possibilities.

Jeff from Iowa USA

From Jimmy,

Once I started to talk with Bill, I feel I could trust him and feel safe telling him about my life. He’s unconditionally loving. I was living a life of suffering before I started talking to him and I wasn’t finding the answers in therapists or psychiatrists. Bill teaches you about love, how to love yourself so you can be happy and take control of your life. He tells what you need to hear to love yourself and be happy. I was very sick, emotionally and physically before I started to talk to Bill. I was weighing 205 lbs, had glaucoma and other eye problems. In time, I got tired of being sick and having glaucoma and taking eye drops three times a day, every day.  I healed my eyes with my faith and through his voice and love and I no longer need glasses nor have glaucoma.

I also wasn’t aware why I was overweight or that what I ate was harmful to my body and didnt care. I got tired of being overweight, and just by hearing Bill talk about healthy food, I chose to start eating better. I’ve lost about 80 lbs and don’t feel heavy or depressed with how I look anymore. I also had about 4 kidney stone attacks in the course of 2 years, after I became aware where they truly came from, I no longer have any kidney stones. I was on antidepressants too, I reached a point where I got tired of relying on them because they weren’t doing anything helpful, so I chose to stop taking them, I felt even better afterwards. Loving yourself is a choice, Bill will show you the way, but no one can do it for you, only you can do it. He’s helped me by showing me the way and I’ve chosen to change my life by following my heart. There should be more people like Bill in this world teaching about love.

Jimmy from the USA

From Marie,

I am delighted to share my personal experiences with Bill’s gift of healing because it has proven to be the most powerful way to improve my life in all areas such as health, finance, credit, education and self empowerment. I met Bill in 2005, a few months after suffering 2 strokes. This illness had affected my hearing, memory, speech and energy. At that time my doctors couldn’t guarantee that this event would not occur again, but ordered Prozac, and a daily dose of Aspirin as preventative care.  I am a single mother with 2 kids, at that time the children were small.  As the head of my household this really scared me because I knew that my well being meant was the force to keep my kids safe and protected.  I was also working full time as a Director of Compliance, and was required to work a lot of hours and my health was everything.  I got serious about my life and starting praying constantly to God to help me with healing and didn’t have an attachment as to how the healing would occur.  About a week later, I checked my mailbox and notice a free local newspaper and had a feeling that I should read it.  I had never noticed the paper before but decided that it wouldn’t hurt to look through it. I came across  an ad in the paper titled “Words of life Healing” through touch, and music. Well, this was a different approach of healing because in my culture we would just simply pray in church all day long and hope that change will happen. The idea of healing through touch and music is not consider a norm way getting health results.  Regardless, I had the mind set that I would call and was open to healing naturally and didn’t care what was accepted.  I also knew for sure, that I wanted to live and have a better life regardless of what my family and doctors thought and suggested.

I later realized, it was that thought that had changed my life and that I was finally on the right course for fulfilling my prayers.  I called Bill the same day and told him my situation about the strokes his reply was “I can help you with healing now if you are ready, when the student is ready the teacher appears.”  He asked me to try to quite my mind by just being present in the moment and to sit in a comfortable place in my home. I was very surprised because his healing session was quick and only focused on God’s love and loving myself no matter how things appeared.  Wow, this was such a different way of approaching any health related issues that I was not accustomed to experiencing.  After my first healing session, I felt a tingling in my ears and could hear the birds chirping outside of my window. I knew my hearing was back and that there was sudden improvements in my health.  I felt as a shift had occurred and that a lot of pressure had been suddenly released. I felt better about my life, and children and that no matter what, this was a man who could truly help me to gain my health back.  As time went by, Bill has consistently taught me through healing sessions, that the answer to all life problems is self love, and staying present in the moment.  He has taught me that I am the captain of my ship and that all things are possible when you believe it to be true to you.  There has been so many instances in which he has helped me to overcome major breakthroughs by performing quick healing sessions to help me to get back into alignment and to have innner peace.  I absolutely love my self and give thanks to God and the Universe for my wonderful live and my successful teenage children.  I have taught these principles to my children and they understand they are connected to God and that everything under the sun has a spiritual vibration and this impacts how things turn out for you. These principles are Universal and not tied to religious preference, judgement, ethnicity, or social class. Kind of cool, that know no mater what society thinks of my ethnicity or gender these are just someone else’s fears. The key is focusing on what I think of my life and success. I can now detach from societal fears which has brought me really good benefits. I can’t describe how great it is to know and feel how I impact situations for my highest good and good for all.

Currently, I exercise daily, meditate and give thanks to God and Universe for being connected to all life and my protection on the earth. My doctors have given me a very good health report, hearing, memory and energy is better than before.  My primary care doctor now asks me questions as to how I did it? What specific methods helped me to get better.  She wants to give this information onto to other stroke victims.  I also affirmed wealth into my life, and worked on my credit report and now have a great understanding of credit and how to negotiate with creditors and have a score high.  Good enough to qualify for an FHA mortgage with a low interest rate.  My next move, was to secure home ownership. I now own a corner house in a good community for raising children and it is surrounding by nice neighbors.  I decided to enroll back to continue to my education, in a few months I will be obtaining a Masters in Education and continuing on to pursue my Doctoral degree.  I have also attracted wealth in my life. See, I know understand that as long as I love and forgive myself, things work for me no matter how things appear.  See, love is the most powerful force in the Universe and is the strongest law of the universe.  Also, my relationship with family has gotten so much better.  I consciously attracted that.  You wanna know why? Because I now love myself. Everything or experience is a reaction of my spiritual vibration.  I am so thankful for having the privilege to have Bill as a friend!  He has helped me in so many ways to really improve my world and most importantly my thought patterns.

Marie from Illinois, USA

From Amy,

With my brief experiences, I am unsure about the medical communities ability to really assist me and my family without doing additional harm or wondering if we are having procedures that are really needed.  I prefer a much less intrusive way to be healthy and I absolutely want to feel good!  I am not even sure about the mental health communities ability to properly assist our needs.  I have a high stress job for which a psychologist I saw recommended I get another job.  Working with Bill for many years has helped me spiritually, emotionally as well as through physical mishaps and infections.  I have called on him for guidance and direction that has helped me move beyond what I could do on my own and has made me more reliant upon my own abilities.  I have contacted Bill many times.  It has truly been a miracle in all the ways I have been healed!  I am leading a happier and healthier life with Bill’s assistance!  I still have physical mishaps or sometimes stress gets the best of me and I need to make an appointment, but overall I have been empowered to move beyond what I would have thought was possible in a healthy way.  Bill is one of the best kept secrets of our time.

Amy from Illinois, USA

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