BEING AT PEACE AND BALANCE WITHIN                   

 To be at peace within is to be at peace with God and the world.  That does not mean you will not face many of the issues that everyone else faces.  It does mean you will be better equipped to deal with all of life when you are at peace and in balance within.

 You must be in touch with your heart to be at peace within.  Peace does not come from the physical mind because the physical mind is motivated by fear and insecurity.  Loving yourself comes from the heart.  Loving others comes from the heart.  Being yourself and being true to your own self is an act of loving yourself.  Forgiving yourself and others is a gift of love to your own self.

 When you follow your heart and truly love yourself and are true to your own self, you will be at peace and in balance, and everything in your life will flow effortlessly and spontaneously to your best and highest good no matter what happens in your life.  You will also have no attachment to any person or thing in this world.  Attachment comes from fear.  Losing your peace or balance or both comes from focusing on a thought or thoughts of fear or attachment to a situation or person for too long.   You can usually bring yourself out of such situations by forgiving yourself and whoever or whatever was involved then, say to your own self “I love and approve of myself exactly as I am right now, and all is well in my world”.

 There are two primary motivations in this world.  They are love and fear.  Love represents life and peace.  Fear represents death and destruction.  Love is life supporting.  Fear is not life supporting.   Our physical minds are motivated by fear and insecurity.  Our hearts or spiritual minds are motivated by love and peace.

 You must follow your heart to stay in peace and balance consistently.  Focusing on the fear and skepticism of your physical mind for too long will cause you to lose your balance then your peace.   Peace and balance comes from the heart and cannot come from the mind by the very nature of the mind.

 If you are following or believing a philosophy of life which has fear as its root motivation, you cannot be at peace.  Fear and guilt are not friends and come from a lack of love for yourself.  Peace and love come from awareness that love is the answer to all of the issues of life.  Fear is the cause of all of the issues of life.

 My main focus as a healer and teacher is to help bring every person who wants to be at peace and in balance in this world very quickly into that state of being.  In that state of being, miracles of healing and blessing can happen effortlessly and spontaneously.

 You no longer have to live in fear or chaos and unhappiness.  Contact me without hesitation and begin to walk the path of peace and love finding that the God of the universe and all of life is for you and in your favor.

 I send peace and love to all who read this that they may find healing, life, and peace and love always!

 Bill McQueen  Miracle Healing Words Of Life  


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